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Zen cho author photo article
Book Riot

Doing Magic As We Please: A #RiotRead Interview with Zen Cho

I recently had a quick chat with Zen about the first story she ever wrote, writing support networks, and some advice she’d give to her teen self.

Book Riot

100 Must-Read Retellings of Myths, Folklore, and Classics

Retellings of classic stories and folklore are easy to find no matter what genre you love to read, and the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re obsessed with Greek myths or intrigued by Japanese folklore, this list is sure to have a title or two that can offer a great introduction to these beloved stories across the world.

Cherie priest author photo article
Book Riot

"All I Had to Do Was Add the Ghosts": An Interview with Cherie Priest

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Cherie about the history that feeds The Family Plot, and the particular stories and relationships that interest her most in her writing.

Solidaridad book shop september 7 2011 300x225 article
Book Riot

Literary Tourism: Metro Manila

It’s been a few years since I lived in Manila, but I still have fond memories of the bookish places I used to visit there. While books do tend to be expensive and inaccessible for much of the population, there are still some great ways to find new books to read in this bustling metropolis.

Asian teens reading 470 article
Book Riot

Where Are All the Asian Kids in Contemporary YA Romance?

Contemporary YA romances with Asian teens do exist, but they’re the proverbial needle in the haystack, challenging readers to find these titles among the hundreds of stories where we’re only the side characters.

Celeste ng article
Book Riot

Family, Connections, And All The Things We Never Say: An Interview with Celeste Ng

I spoke with Celeste about how Everything I Never Told You went from idea to published novel, the nuances of her characters’ relationships, and her own perspective on writing non-white characters.

Img 6812 e1453993952137 article
Book Riot

Subtle Magic at The Lockhart Bar in Toronto

Meet the Lockhart Bar, a nerdy haven in Toronto...

23878 article
Book Riot


I was not born a feminist. None of us were, and to claim otherwise would be to deny the systemic, insidious barriers present in our world that make feminism so necessary. But I can pinpoint one of the key moments, one of the key women who started me on the path to learning about and valuing feminism: Angela Vicario.

Book Riot

Books With Introspective Heroines

As a reader, I find I’m drawn to literary heroines who are similarly reticent. Some of them are naturally introverted, while others are so because of experiences that drew them inwards.

Book Riot

Reading Habits Based on Hogwarts Houses

I’ve found that sorting has helped me to not only know and understand myself, but others as well. It’s been particularly interesting to apply sorting to the book community, because not only do many of us identify with a specific House, but the qualities of those Houses tend come through in the way we talk about books.

On loving books from genres i hate. image cover of marissa meyers cinder.  e1420489710476 280x150 article
Book Riot

4 Books to Read After The Lunar Chronicles

Last month, the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer drew to a close with the final book Winter hitting shelves on November 10. For the last four years, the series has delighted readers with fai...

10087235 article
Book Riot

How the American Girl Series Taught Me About My Personal History

We lived in different time periods, but some of our concerns were the same. Some of the insecurities and worries transcended decades. Some of the joys stayed the same too. They made me feel like I, too, was an American Girl, worthy of a story.

Filipino folk tales 280x150 article
Book Riot

3 Filipino Folk Tales That Would Make Great YA Novels

Three traditional Filipino folk tales we'd love to see re-told as YA novels....

Inbox article
Book Riot

Inbox/Outbox: December 18, 2015

In Inbox/Outbox, we document the rhythm of readers' lives by sharing books we acquired, books we finished, and the next books we plan to read each week....

Hogwarts at night e1442427130334 280x150 article
Book Riot

Sorting My Favourite Authors into Hogwarts Houses

Hogwarts House sorting is probably my favourite habit that I've picked up over my decade-plus interacting in the Harry Potter fandom. It's calming, and it's helped me deal with social anxiety for the...