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Wintersong 700x336 article

Sing Once Again with S. Jae-Jones of Wintersong's Strange Duet

S. Jae-Jones’ prose captures you just as deftly as the Goblin King, and the story she creates is equal parts enchanting and terrifying.

The last princess article

A Royal Test of Endurance: A Review of The Last Princess

Born to the last Korean king before Japan’s colonization of Korea, Deok-hye was the last princess of the Joseon era, and the subject of a new historical melodrama featured at this year’s Reel Asian Film Festival.

Reel asian toronto film festival 2016 reel ideas kims convenience panel screening 702x336 article

Kim’s Convenience Is a Home for Asian-Canadian Stories

In this strange, frightening new world, we need shows like Kim’s Convenience to remind us of all the ways immigrants are carving out their space and their lives.

The handmaiden 2016 mongrel media 202x300 article

Duality of Desires in Park Chan-Wook’s The Handmaiden

The devil’s in the details they say, and no one knows that better than Park Chan-wook. His newest film, The Handmaiden, takes audiences into 1930s Korea with a pickpocket-turned-lady’s maid and an unexpected, unstoppable romance. Park unwraps each layer of intrigue in three parts, his careful directorial eye setting the stage for a story about the spokes of desire: for power, for sex, for attention, for security.

Huang family fresh off the boat 3x01 abc 702x336 article

Navigating Towards Home: Fresh Off the Boat’s Season 3 Premiere

ome is a strange, perturbing concept to diaspora kids, especially during that first visit to one’s so-called “native” country. Fresh Off the Boat managed to capture the contradictions and complexities of what home means in this season premiere.

Carmillaiii 0585 702x336 article

Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis Talk Carmilla Season 3

I chatted with Laura and Carmilla themselves, Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis, on what scenes have been their favourites over the last two years, what the filming experiences is like, and how they’ve grown as actors. (And as Elise promised us during the interview, there will be lots of Harry Potter references for the eagle-eyed fan to spot in season three!)

Untitled 175x300 article

Fangirl and Feminist Forever: An Interview with Sam Maggs

Sam recently chatted with WWAC about the year since Fangirl’s Guide first came out, how her feminism has grown in tandem with her fangirl life, and the women that inspire her every day.

Heroine complex sarah kuhn daw press 2016 186x300 article

Superhero Sparks Fly in Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

Heroine Complex is one of the most genuinely satisfying novels I’ve read in years, and it makes that happen in its commitment to the story at hand. It doesn’t downgrade or dismiss the fact that it’s about two young women trying to figure out their lives; it celebrates them and their choices.

Honor thy father john lloyd cruz reality entertainment 2015 208x300 article

“I’m in it for the journey:” An Interview with Honor Thy Father’s John Lloyd Cruz

In Honor Thy Father, John Lloyd Cruz gives a strong performance as Edgar, a man who finds his life inexplicably wrecked by greed and corruption in these same institutions, and who must rescue his own family from it. I spoke with Cruz about the film, the approach he takes with regards to his craft, and his favourite superhero movie.

Mv5bote4mmzkymqtndhiyy00y2ziltllmmitmzllztuwmmvkmmqyxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynti5njiymw  . v1  200x300 article

“She’s So Different From Who I Am, and That’s What I Love About Her”: An Interview with Hamog’s Teri Malvar

Part of that clarity of Hamog comes from 16-year-old actress Therese “Teri” Malvar. I spoke with her on the night of the film’s premiere at NYAFF, and I can honestly say every minute was a delight.

Nagasaki memories of my son yoji yamada 2016 220x300 article

The Intimacy of Grief: A Review of Nagasaki: Memories of My Son

Celebrated director Yoji Yamada centers a mother’s reflection in his take on the bombings in Nagasaki: Memories of My Son (Haha to Kuraseba), released in Japanese cinemas last December, and premiering at the Toronto Japanese Film Festival on June 9, 2016.

The geek feminist revolution kameron hurley cover tor 2016 198x300 article

Presence, Power, and Patriarchy: A Review of The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley

In The Geek Feminist Revolution, Kameron Hurley defends women and the spaces we create for ourselves in traditionally male-dominated fields. But more than that, she acknowledges the ways in which those spaces are a revolution in themselves, a testament to the women who have always been there, working to carve them out and keep them safe.

Dramaworld 702x336 article

4 Takes On VIKI's New Series: Dramaworld

We come from different backgrounds and have various experiences watching Korean dramas (or K-Dramas) so we ask ourselves: How well did Dramaworld do?

Dramaworld poster article

Entering the KDrama Rabbit Hole: Dramaworld Brings Fandom Into the Story

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of conversations develop around Dramaworld, and what the show ultimately says about Korean dramas, and the fans that love them.

Arashi live tour 2013 love johnny associates jstorm 702x336 2x article

5 Things I Learned from Watching Idol Scandals Unfold

Idols are multi million-dollar commodities, and they are considered investments by the agencies that build their careers. But what do these idol scandals say about the people involved, and how much do they affect the way artists and their private lives are viewed by the public?