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Birth of a beauty screencaps 2 article

Walking in Beauty: On Seeing Fat Women in Asian Dramas and Body Positivity

The majority of Asian dramas and films with fat characters reinforce the idea that fatness is a problem that can be resolved through surgery or a makeover, without ever questioning why it’s considered a problem at all.

Asian teens reading 470 article
Book Riot

Where Are All the Asian Kids in Contemporary YA Romance?

Contemporary YA romances with Asian teens do exist, but they’re the proverbial needle in the haystack, challenging readers to find these titles among the hundreds of stories where we’re only the side characters.

Dramaworld 702x336 article

4 Takes On VIKI's New Series: Dramaworld

We come from different backgrounds and have various experiences watching Korean dramas (or K-Dramas) so we ask ourselves: How well did Dramaworld do?

Dramaworld poster article

Entering the KDrama Rabbit Hole: Dramaworld Brings Fandom Into the Story

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of conversations develop around Dramaworld, and what the show ultimately says about Korean dramas, and the fans that love them.

05a3948872f0e2771414e56882829073 article

Drawing Bombshells: Marguerite Sauvage at C2E2 2016 – Chicago Review of Books

I spoke with Marguerite about how she started on DC Comics Bombshells, her artistic process, and the art that influenced her own personal style.

Photo 1447619297994 b829cc1ab44a e1458605730521 article

Can I be feminist and Catholic as a Filipina?

Was feminism worth butting heads with the religion I’d been raised with and the culture that surrounded me?

Arashi live tour 2013 love johnny associates jstorm 702x336 2x article

5 Things I Learned from Watching Idol Scandals Unfold

Idols are multi million-dollar commodities, and they are considered investments by the agencies that build their careers. But what do these idol scandals say about the people involved, and how much do they affect the way artists and their private lives are viewed by the public?

Celeste ng article
Book Riot

Family, Connections, And All The Things We Never Say: An Interview with Celeste Ng

I spoke with Celeste about how Everything I Never Told You went from idea to published novel, the nuances of her characters’ relationships, and her own perspective on writing non-white characters.

Hamilton musical logo article

I'm Loving: Hamilton's Original Broadway Cast Recording

Self-reflection isn’t a new theme for Lin-Manuel Miranda: In the Heights took a microcosm of Washington Heights and magnified its residents’ worries and joys with irresistible music and dance. He works that same magic in Hamilton, giving staid historical figures room to be human, tell awkward jokes, experience unrequited love, and all.

Img 6812 e1453993952137 article
Book Riot

Subtle Magic at The Lockhart Bar in Toronto

Meet the Lockhart Bar, a nerdy haven in Toronto...

048 article

Moonie Musings: Revisiting the Sailor Moon Manga (Volume 3)

It’s a fantastic message, especially for young girls — they grow up constantly being pitted against one another, and then to see Usagi and her friends choose over and over again to protect and love each other? That kind of message sticks.

Stella maeve 702x336 article

An Interview with Stella Maeve of The Magicians

I spoke with Stella Maeve–Julia herself–about what drew her to the series, female ambition, and how she sees Julia through the course of the series.

Books banners 1 big 702x336 article

Mga Kuwentong Perlas: The Women of Modern Filipino Short Stories

The stories I chose share some similarities: they’re written by young Filipino women, and they’re all written in English. Two of them are built around Filipino mythology, one is a deft character study that reflects the influence of wealth and privilege, and the fourth is an ingenious magical realism piece. All of them are brilliant, formative influences.

18484807 article article

KPop in YA Fiction, Please Hold the Racism: A Review of Hello, I Love You by Katie Stout

Hello, I Love You was not Anna and the French Kiss. Not by a long shot. What it was, however, was astonishingly tone-deaf, offensive, and racist.

Screen shot 2014 12 09 at 10.07.05 pm 702x336 article

Flavors of Heartbreak: Shitsuren Chocolatier

At its core, Shitsuren Chocolatier isn’t about love and a happy ending. Instead it considers what the idea of love does to us, a quintessential josei theme.